Career Options for Math Lovers

Career Options for Math Lovers

Mathematics is a subject that can be challenging, rewarding and fun; all at a time. The subject has always been popular amongst the student’s fraternity, to be both logical and creative in nature. Students who explicit the foundational knowledge for the subject are intended to do well in the field of mathematics. An intense knowledge of mathematics is required for pursuing a career in higher education such as computer science, information technology, etc. Along with that, the subject offers significant numbers of job opportunities for the students, such as in statistics, cryptography, actuarial, science technology, finance and many more. All such opportunities can be easily secured just by being dexterous for the subject of mathematics.

Let us have a look at the major career opportunities in the subject of mathematics:

(i) Actuarial Science career: An actuary is a business professional who evaluates the financial risk management and advice clients. Combining analysis skills with the knowledge of business, economics, probability, and statistics, an actuary helps in a problem-solving and financial system having a strategic type of thinking with a deep understanding of mathematics. They are the backbone of the financial security, who plays an important in guiding the consultancies, clients, insurance/pension companies along with non-specialist by providing a safeguard against catastrophe.

(ii) Career in Accountancy & Finance: An accountant offers a range of choices for graduates in mathematics. The role of an accountant includes Management Accountant, Tax Accountant, Auditor, Forensic Accountant, Corporate Advisor etc. One can be a Chartered Accountant having a UG-degree in mathematics or a related area, having professional qualification and knowledge in the subject of mathematics.

(iii) Career in Computer Science: The field of computer science is totally dependent on mathematics. Everything can be explained in a binary code, which is a small part of mathematics. With lots of research involved that are fully dependent on mathematics, computer scientist helps to develop new techniques for problem-solving, analyzing the structure, testing of material, cryptography, security, and so on having an enormous number of applications of mathematics in computer science.

(iv) Teaching: A good knowledge of mathematics can also have a rewarding career field as a teacher. The role of a teacher is to teach others the knowledge they know. One can teach in primary or secondary education or even university level. Choosing this field may also get you the chance to pursue your own academic research.

(v) Career field in banking: A good mathematician is found to be good in the career field of banking. Banking can range from the world of retail to corporate investment banking, from public banks to private banks. As a banker, one can specialize in the areas such as market research, creating new business opportunities, bonds and shares, privatization, lending and IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, etc. A professional of mathematics having a qualification in finance plays an important role in all the mentioned fields. Also in mathematics, having a good knowledge of the topics like Number system, Simple and Compound Interest would be helpful in obtaining a good career in banking.

All the fields mentioned are considered to be a good career field having an enhanced knowledge for the subject of mathematics.