GK Questions for Class 4

GK Questions for Class 4

GK is the term referred as General Knowledge. Each and every student should have an awareness about the current GK. Now-a-days in every competitive exam there are many GK questions for class 4 and also on CBSE with different aspects. Here in this post we have analysed and gathered some important GK questions for Class 4 with answers.

And there are many gk questions for class 4 ICSE. General Knowledge Questions for class 4 is very useful for the entrance exams like Residential Schools and many more conducted in State or Central. Class 4 CBSE GK questions are meant for understanding in view of present happening in the world. Students who are willing to download PDF GK Questions for class 4 can be downloaded.

In this post we have listed most interesting aspects about Important GK questions for Class 4 on the topic about Biggest, Longest, Largest, Highest in the world and Science Quiz GK questions on the specific topic will ensure the students to know GK test for Class 4 about the proposed concepts.


Laws of MotionNewton1687
Laws of Electrostatic attraction Coulomb1779
AtomJohn Dalton1808
Photography(On Metal)J. Neepse1826
Laws of Electric ResistanceG.S Ohm1827
Laws of FlotationArchemedes1827
Elctromagnetic InductionMichael Faraday1831
Photography(On Paper)W.Fox Talbot1835
DynamiteAlfred Nobel1867
Periodic TableMandeleev1888
RadioactivityHenry Beckquerel1896
ElectronJ.J. Thomson1897
RadiumMadam Curie1898
Quantum TheoryMax Plank1900
Wireless TelegramMarconi1901
Diode BulbSir. J.S Fleming1904
Photo Electric EffectAlbert Einstein1905
Principle of RelativityAlbert Einstein1905
Triode BulbLee dee Forest1906
Atomic StructutreNeil Bohn & Rutherford1913
Raman EffectC.V Raman1928
Newton James Chadwick1932
Nuclear ReactorAnrico Fermi1942


Asian DramaGunnar Mirdhal
Origin of SpicesDarwin
India DividedRajendra Prasad
InsiderP.V.Narasimha Rao
Indian Philosophy Sarvepalli Radha Krishna
Indian Vision 2020A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
Communist ManifestoKarl Marks & Engels
Glimpses of World History Jawaharlal Nehru
Golden Threshold Sarojini Naidu
The GuideR.K.Narayan
The ReplublicPlato
The Judgement Kuldip Nayyar
The Strugle is my lifeNelson Mandela
Paradise LostJohn Milton
Freedom Behind BarsKiran Bedi
My Experiment with TruthMahatma Gandhi
Midnight Children Salman Rashdi
My TruthIndira Gandhi
Wings of FireAPJ Abdul Kalam
Social Contract Rousseau
Development as Freedom Amartya Sen
Amuktha MalyadhaSri Krishna Devaraya
Kanya SulkamGurujada Appa Rao
Geeta RahasyaBalagangadhara Tilak
My Socialism Jaya Prakash Narayan


  1. Japan is called the land of – Rising Sun
  2. Australia is called the land of – Seven Hills
  3. Canada is called the land of – Maple Trees
  4. Cuba is called the land of – Humming Bird
  5. Scotland is called the land of – Cakes
  6. Zamzibar is called the land of – Cloves
  7. Thailand is called the land of – White Elephant
  8. Bahrain is called the island of – Pearls
  9. Rome is called the city of – Golden Coffee


  1. Tallest animal in the world – Giraffe
  2. Largest Bird in the world – Ostrich
  3. Smallest Bird in the world – Humming Bird
  4. Tallest Building in the world – Beuj Khalifa, Dubai
  5. Fastest Bird in the world – Swift
  6. Longest Canal – Suez Canal
  7. Biggest City in area – Mount Isa (Australia)
  8. Largest city in Population – Tokyo
  9. Costliest City in the world – Tokyo
  10. Largest Continent – Asia
  11. Smallest Continent – Australia
  12. Biggest Country in area – Russia
  13. Largest Country in population – China
  14. Second Largest Country in population – India
  15. Largest Creature in the world – Blue Whale
  16. Largest Delta – Sunderban (Bangladesh & India)
  17. Largest Desert in the world – Sahara (Africa)
  18. Highest Dam in the world – Nurek Dam (Tajikistan)
  19. Largest Dome – Astrodome, Located in Houston (U.S.A)
  20. Largest Epic in the World – Mahabharata
  21. Largest Irrigation Source – Lloyd Barrage, Sukkhur (Pakistan)
  22. Largest Island in the world – Greenland
  23. Largest Sea – Mediterranean Sea
  24. Largest Library in the world – United States Library of Congress, Washington DC
  25. Highest Mountain Peak – Everest ( Nepal)
  26. Longest Mountain Range – Andes (South America)
  27. Largest Museum in the world – British Museum, London Pacific
  28. Largest Ocean – Pacific
  29. Largest Park – Yellow Stone National Park (USA)
  30. Largest Peninsula – Arabia
  31. Driest Place in the world – Iquique (In Atacama Desert, Chile)
  32. Hottest Place in the world – Azizia (Libya, Africa)
  33. Rainiest Place – Mausinram (Meghalaya, India)
  34. Biggest Planet – Jupiter
  35. Brightest Planet – Venus
  36. Smallest Planet – Mercury
  37. Highest Plateau – Pamir (Tibet)
  38. Longest Platform – Kharagpur (India)
  39. Longest Railway – Trans-Siberian Railway
  40. Longest River – Nile (Africa)

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