Learn Electronics Arduino Programming Language

Do you want to Enjoy Electronics Arduino Programming?

A twelve-year-old boy can easily develop this at home no need for any courses he can easily understand the things sitting at home. Oh! you are too older but not an issue it’s quite an easy task for you to create Electronics Arduino Programming language

I was also facing problems with the logic of programming but I could not make it with the traditional ways, then one of my senior suggested me this idea which I am sharing with you.

Introduction to Arduino Programming Language

When I started programming, it took only one day to me to get familiar with the things

I started doing the projects with an Arduino. Arduino is the cheapest way of learning Electronics most said but I took it differently I saw the essence of programming in it.

Small projects using Arduino and turning a led with simple programming tips can let us learn to program very much for this you need only an Arduino board and a LED.

Firstly, I studied about the LED very depth you too can refer from the below link


then I went into learning Arduino what is it how to handle I had an Arduino Uno board very commonly used one you can also get many things by just a search of Arduino Uno. You can also study here


Image result for arduino uno

I tried the Arduino IDE which is a user-friendly platform to understand. You can download that from


Image result for arduino uno cable

A cable called type b is used to connect the Uno and your computer. For the trail, you can try blinking an onboard LED

Image result for arduino uno blinking on board led

In the above picture, you can see a led glowing for which you have an example program called Blink which you can get from IDE itself.

How to Start the Arduino Program?

Step-1: Arduino IDE

Step-2: Select File Option

Step-3: Select Example

Step-4: Select Basics

Step-5: Select Blink Program.

  • Now after checking this, you can easily develop a circuit with led as shown a 100-ohm resistor in series with LED is used for protection.
  • LED + end is connected to digital pin 13 in which we take the output.
  • Shorter or another end is connected to the ground pin.
  • You can also directly connect the led to the board but it is not recommended to use any circuit without protection.

Image result for arduino uno blinking on board led


Here is the Program code so that you can use this sample piece of code and let’s have a try. You can also download the Arduino programming language pdf and download the source code 

The Arduino Programming Source Code is: 

Arduino Programming language

Now you can play with the code to make the led to glow for a minute continuously or any other specified time or even continuously and continuous blinking just by changing the values of delay in the program.

Now that you have done this you can easily develop a program for series connection of led’s, parallel connection of LEDs. It’s a task now for you to try connecting two LEDs in parallel and make them operated with blink at a time for every second. Blink continuously and this should happen without any delay statement. you can try even with delay probably that may not work. after trying this you will get understand what actually programming concept does in my next article I will definitely explain how to parallelly control two LEDs.

All the best programmer’s!



Ezakiah Thomas is very Innovative in doing his Live Projects and he helps his Co-Students to enhance the Project Skill and Ensure for Knowledge sharing, He was Pursuing B.Tech Final Year in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering (EIE), at Narayana Engineering College, Nellore.