Present Education System of India

Present Education System in India
Present Education System in India

Why India still stood as a developing country but not as a developed country? This question can gain answer by viewing our education system at present. Many surveys are showing that our education system has no much importance in this trend. What is the real meaning of education? Simply memorizing the facts and vomiting in the exams? No, The real education means learning facts and thinking about it in an innovative manner that where it is useful and where to apply. When we think about History of Indian Education System in India ensures are many present education system advantages and disadvantages.


Behind Education System in India
Behind Education System in India

There are lakhs of schools and colleges in India. But how many of them are giving importance to practical learning? The answer is very few. At present Indian education forces its students to live a pressure-filled life, demanding excellence in the form of an external Reward : MARKS. Everything is about rote memorization, leading to behaviour which encourages cramming and forgetting rather than life long learning. It teaches that by heart the things for the purpose of marks and simply forget them after your examinations.


There are many Debates on Present Education System and main reasons for the failure of Indian education system. Failure is nothing but disability at a particular thing. Some of the reasons are :

  • ILLITERACY : In our country’s total population , 25% are illiterate. They don’t know the importance of education and simply ignoring it. So, our country’s literacy rate is very less when compared to other countries. So they are willing to emerge in their related fields of work only.
  • PRIVATE INSTITUTIONS : Now a days private schools are coming like mush rooms into the society. Their main aim is to gain profit by making education as a business. They are making students mind as a pressure cooker. They always teach bookish knowledge rather than practical knowledge.
  • LACK OF KNOWLEDGE ABOUT CAREER : Most of the students do not have idea about their professional career. So they are not willing to gain practical knowledge. They want to stood as toppers in the exams by re-producing matter what they hear in the class room. This is the major cause of failure (India’s education system failure).
  • LACK OF MOTIVATION : When compared to western countries Indian students lack motivation. A person can gain more power through motivation (i.e.,inspiration), Which is lack in our system. If we provide some basic inspiration through various ways then our education system will gain much power.
  • PARENTS PRESSURE : So many parents are ruining their children life by making their visions as their children visions. It is very harmful and may lead children mind into depression. Sometimes this situation may lead to committing suicides.
  • LACK OF PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE: Number of students are getting graduation certificates from many institutions. But how many of them possessing practical knowledge? Very few. So a student never become like a machine, he should know what he can do with his subject. Then only our system get success.
  • RESERVATION SYSTEM: Even though reservation system is essential during the period after independence, it is not suitable for present day. Due to this system some lakhs of people are not able to reach their aims. This has adverse effect on most of the people.


Education System of India
Education System of India
  1. Implementing new type of teaching techniques to improve practical thinking.
  2. Providing some awareness to the parents not to rub their dreams on their children.
  3. Introduce Innovative Strategies to inspire children.
  4. Stop Comparing the Students based on their ranks as everyone has their own talent. Tell them that every person has unique talent.
  5. Avoiding marks based pressures so that they won’t commit suicides. Change their ideology towards marks that marks are not important as much as knowledge.
  6. Providing good quality of education in public schools so that most of the children can continue their education.
    Cheering up the students by providing scholarships to the poor and talented students.
  7. Explain students that 1 year hard work cannot be checked in 3 hours of exam. That means they have to focus on practical knowledge and its applications.
    Enforcing the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan into the society to improve our literacy rate.

CONCLUSION : Indian Education System has some Pros & Cons. We need to reduce drawbacks in it. Then only our country will stood as developed in front of the world.

So we need to accept the unique talent in every person. Our government need to agree this. Not only government the mentalities of people too need some change. If a person change then he can change millions of minds. Let be the first person to change the present world.