Problem of Un-Employment in India

Unemployment in India

Unemployment in India


What is the Meaning of Un-Employment ?

Most of the people thought that Un-Employment means having no job from initial stage. But Problem of Un-Employment in India also includes unemployment problems and job notifications, the situation that arises when a person losses his job and searching for a new one. Un-Employment is the state of an individual looking for a paying job.

In developing countries like India, among the total population majority of the people are standing in the way of clearing problems of un-employment. Before discussing the problems of Un-Employment we need importance of Unemployment to discuss the causes for the increase of Unemployment in India.


In any country there is some what amount of Unemployment. But when we compare the rate of Unemployment in India for the last 20 years is a major problem and there are different kinds of Unemployment in India as far more than many countries. The Hindu news paper have published that according to 2011 census, of 116 millions of Indians 32 million were illiterate and 84 million were literate. Even though we ignore illiterate we need to consider the percentage of un-employed in the total population. Let us know the reasons behind it:

1. Increase of Population:

As we know that India exceeded more than 130 crores of population, scarcity of all resources has occurred. As India is developing country it is not possible to provide employment to all the people. A tough competition is raised between the people for the jobs. Every year number of students are getting out but how many of them are placing in a job?

2. Lack of Skills:

This is the main reason for the rise of un-employment. Most of people are not trained in their fields. So many people are throwing out by the companies daily as they lack skills. Even though they are placed they are not effective to keep their job. Communication skills, team leading skills, technical skills, innovative skills etc are lacking in many students as they do not have nay idea while they were in the collage and they do not think about it.

3. Recommendations from any Authority:

If a person do not have any skill and relative of any higher authority ( may be political leader etc) then they will recommend their relatives for the job. Because of these fellows, persons who have talent are getting thrown into worst situations. This is one of the worst things that was happening in India.

4. Lack of Jobs for Related Courses:

There are 7.2 million people who have technical diploma or related higher degree in India. But very few of them are at their equivalent positions. As there is a shortage of jobs, a need raised that they have to emerge themselves in a very little profession too. Due to this their skills goes as a waste.

5. Desire towards Government Jobs:

90 out of 100 people want to get a government job as it has no strict rules, high salary and permanent. They are waiting for many years to get a government job. Most of the literates need to know that job is vital but up to the fulfillment of our desire we can do some other job without wasting our time.

6. Exceeded Percentage of Reservation in Competitive Exams:

Even though reservation system has some what advantages there are some disadvantages too. It is good to provide reservation for disabled, back ward. But it should need some limit. Through this people having good skills have to turn back.

7. Priority for Artificial Intelligence:

Most of the companies are not willing to take more number of people in their company as they are in search of artificial intelligence. They thought that it may save their income. We can observe this situation in many hotels, companies etc.


Most common problems of un-employment are related to standard of living, national income, technical lacking, increase of labor etc. Among them few are listed as:

  • Due to rise of un-employment national income decreases and leads to decrease of per capita income which indicates the position of a country. So due any alternation in employment can change entire national standards.
  • If people choose small jobs as they are un-employed they may forget or loose their innovative skills and also loose confidence on them.
  • Un-employed may turn in to daily wage earners and their standard of living may goes to very low position which damages our country’s economy.
  • Technical skills got disappear, if they neglect in their work. Enormous knowledge in the talented minds should not have any chance to come out.
  • Parents who have kept many hopes on their children are not able to come out as they got thrown into depression by the false words of society ( Even though they have made their children to gain higher technical skills they have to face all these nuisance.)
  • Poverty levels increases gradually and the proverb becomes true:

“Poor become poorer and the richer become the richer”

Which is the most dangerous situation to rise the conflicts between the people of society.


  • Main thing we have to do is making every student to gain practical knowledge and current technical skills. There is no need to learn the out dated, they have to update their skills up to date.
  • Providing some awareness on the situations which may occur in the future because of un-employment. This will help the students to estimate their future after the completion of the course.
  • At the student age itself, they need to have some idea about present trend of life style so that it may help them to think a creative manner.
  • Making people to choose unique path as they too have some unique talent hidden in them.
  • Preparing their minds for the working at any situation and improving their skills by many ways like short term coaching or other.
  • People have to make them selves ready to emerge them in any private job up to the gain of a government job without any wastage of time. It also helps them to feed themselves.

There are some more ways which can be implemented to reduce the problems of un-employment.

“ Never underestimate the hidden power in you, then only you do not stand in the group of un-employed . Be ready to change the future of India