What Pushing the Students towards Committing Suicide

Students towards committing suicide :

In our daily life whenever we turn the news paper we are encountering numerous suicide cases of students. Why this is happening so? If we question the students then they will reply with number of answers with sad voice. Pushing Students towards Committing Suicide, If all the system and all the students are true then where is the cause of failure? We have to find what the reasons behind this and how to eradicate such fatal results of success.

How the society was looking towards it :

  • Some people ignore these news as they don’t care about the society.
  • Some people start thinking about it to find a solution for it.
  • Some persons appoint a committee to submit the enquiry details about suicide cases.
  • Other people change their minds towards their children and try to reduce pressure on them which is very essential for the society.

Main reasons for committing a suicide:

  • High Pressure in the mind:

Most of the educational and training institutions put a lot of pressure on students to gain more marks to improve their reputation. This is most common reason for the commitment of suicide. Some students can handle high pressure but not all. The student who has not able to handle all the situations, fills his/her mind with a lot of assumptions that I am useless and forcefully commits to suicide.

  • Compulsory of learning English:

When we consider the rural areas there is the availability of education only in their native languages. If they move on to their higher studies they are forced to learn English compulsory. Students who lack knowledge about it are feared to learn and cannot secure high marks at initial level. They feel this as a negative feeling and commit suicides.

  • Rise of unemployment:

Due to the increase of population, overcoming the competition and getting a job is more difficult task. There are number of training institutes and the students joining in them also huge in number. As they feel that they are not able to get a job and the studies up to that they have completed are goes as waste and spoiling their own career by hanging themselves to fans or any other thing.

    Ragging activities:

    Most of the institutions do not implement strict rules on ragging. So some students misuse their authority and rag the fresher. As the fresher enter into the college with number of dreams he began to fall at the ragging and a shameful feeling increases. As a result he may fall down from the top of building etc by committing suicide.

      Effect of crime oriented games & movies:

      Smart phones provide a chance of playing dangerous games which lead their minds towards crime activities. Getting angry for small reasons and shouting at others has increased in many cases. If they are not able to get the things they want simply committing suicides and giving much pain to their parents.

      • Love related issues:

      Without knowing the life meaning students are turning their heads towards it and are busy with chasing it. If any mislead happen in their love they may have multiple choices but they are not willing to look at bright choices, are taking only negative choices and ending their lives at a cost of tears of their parents.

      Consequences of committing a suicide:

      • If a student commit suicide then he may remarked as a looser and secure no value.
      • Parents, who have many hopes on their children die mentally and have no scope to release from their tears.
      • Parents, whose children commit suicides loss their valuable wealth i.e., their children and respect in the society too.
      • Institution where the suicide has happened loss its reputation and fame.
      • Encourages some more students to commit suicide for a silly reason too.
      • Young minds too get the thought of committing suicides if they do not get what they are fond of.

      How can a person come out of thinking committing suicide ?

      • If a student is bearing much pressure under the education then he need to talk with higher officials about their problem. Every problem has a solution. So student need to search for it instead of committing foolish activity called suicide.
      • If your mind is always pulling towards suicide then it is advisable to read the books of personality development, watching videos of motivation and listening to the speeches of persons who have faced many failures but stood at great position.
      • If you are a ragging victim then try to think out of the box and try to find a solution for it. Anti ragging act can save you many times and resolve your problem. Never fear to face your problems instead show dare to solve it.
      • Before committing suicide once remember your parents, How many hopes they have on you? How much love they have showed on you from your childhood? If all these comes into your mind then your mind stop thinking about suicide.
      • If your mind thinks that your parents are your real problem then come out of such things and try to understand their love in the scolding.
      • If you got love failure never think in cruel way that either you or other has to die. Clear your mind that love is not life and it is has some space in life only. If you got any disturbances with in it limit to that space only but not affect your entire life. Hope there is sunshine after sunset and wait for it.

      “If you cry as sun has gone out of your life then your tears fill the eyes and prevent you without seeing the bright stars.”


      No lock is prepared without preparing the key for it like wise any problem has solution. Try with your heart to find a way to solve it. Never end your life as a looser in the play of life. Stand like a legend to overcome any problem with self confidence and support of your intimates. World is full problems but everyone is not dyeing remember.

      “Death is god’s gift. Gift should be given by him only. It is not good to take ourselves.”

      “Never end your life for a reason instead life for a reason”